The Vision



As a church and a community, we accept our mission to see our cities transformed by the power of the Gospel for the Glory of God in our generation. We are determined to respond by inviting His presence to infiltrate every aspect of our lives and ministry.

Now is the time to Arise and Build, just as they declared in the days of Nehemiah: “We His servants will arise and build”, driven by our devotion to God’s purpose. United as an equipped and empowered congregation, we aim to influence communities, cities, and even nations for Him.


As we reflect on the legacy of God’s blessings in our journey thus far, we eagerly anticipate what He has in store for us. Through the years, Journey has made a significant impact on God’s kingdom by reaching thousands for Jesus and has effectively stewarded God’s resources with integrity. Our founding Pastor has positioned us for an extraordinary opportunity in front of us. So as we look to what’s next the acquisition of a building will allow us to occupy a more influential role in this pivotal next chapter of our church’s history


Recently, we secured a lease that allows us to remain at our current location until September 2029. However, the building owners reserve the right to give us an 18-month notice to vacate the premises if Boeing decides to expand and require the entire building, which we currently share. While this may initially seem disheartening, I view it as an opportunity granted by God to prepare ourselves for the moment, we receive the 18-month notice. We trust that the time will come when we are ready to move into a new facility.


The Future

We need a total of $8-10 million to acquire a new permanent home. Although we don’t have a location yet, our goal is to raise $5 million as swiftly as possible to secure a property near our current location. Once the purchase is complete, we will allocate the remaining $5 million towards renovating the building after our lease expires or if we are required to vacate. In either scenario, we have faith in God’s perfect timing. Although it may appear as a daunting challenge ahead and substantial financial requirements, I firmly know that our God is the ultimate owner of everything, and there is nothing that exceeds His capacity. The time has come to Arise and Build.